INFORMATION ON GRADUATE DEGREES IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE is an organization dedicated to researching and creating free resources for those interested or already working in the field of criminal justice.The website offers a lot of information for those thinking of pursuing a graduate degree in a criminal justice area, including job prospects for degree holders.



Below is the URL to the Online Master of Legal Studies Programs homepage:

This website provides useful resources and information for current and prospective legal studies students, including information on different types of degrees, career guides for different legal sectors, and more.


LEGAL STUDIES PROGRAMS – information from

Students are increasingly turning to online educational opportunities to pursue degrees in a flexible and affordable manner. has researched on-line programs in various fields.  Here is a link to information on Master;s programs in Legal studies:

The following is a more general listing of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs:


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Last fall UC Irvine initiated a new program – a Master’s of Legal and Forensic Psychology.  This program falls at the intersection of psychology and legal issues.  For more information, go to the website at

Palo Alto University: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program

The purpose of the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program is to train students as competent researchers and clinicians.  Students are taught to be science minded while appreciating the larger role of psychology in alleviating suffering in the world. This balance includes learning to value evidence-based clinical models while maintaining the responsibilities psychologists have to their community, society, and profession. An outstanding faculty of clinicians and researchers provides rigorous classroom instruction, clinical supervision, and research mentoring to help students find the right balance for them. Working within a training model best described as “practitioner-scientist,” students systematically move through five years of coursework and practica to acquire Ph.D.-level competence and capability in areas of psychological theory, research, and practice. The Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Forensic Emphasis

Forensic Psychology is the application of the science and profession of psychology to issues relating to law and the legal system. The clinical application of psychology to the legal system requires broad and general training in clinical psychology, with specific forensic training in addition to that clinical training.

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