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A major purpose of the Association for Criminal Justice Research (California), as stated in our Mission, is to encourage cooperative relations among persons engaged or interested in research in the criminal justice area for scientific purposes. In addition to the conferences we present, this encouragement is through media supported by memberships. We need the support of researchers, analysts, academics, and practitioners both to continue and to expand such endeavors as our newsletters, this website, and our social media pages. These ventures create a vast amount of information sharing among a diverse group of persons interested in criminal justice issues.


In addition to sharing information, the Association attempts to provide opportunities for researchers, analysts, practitioners, students, and others with an interest in criminal justice issues to interact at different levels. We hope that by expanding networking opportunities at our conferences and through social media platforms, we will support your particular projects and interests and allow you to share your thoughts and ideas. Through networking we hope to expand the understanding of and implementation of evidenced-based programs and practices. As part of this promotion of networking, we have provided a list of many of the organizations and agencies represented by our members in an “Affiliations” page on this website.


In addition to the important intrinsic and more general reasons for becoming a member of ACJRca, there are several practical and financial benefits we offer to members:

  • Conference fee discounts: These discounts offset a large part of the dues. Those who attend both conferences could save nearly all the costs of membership.
  • Newsletters: Members receive regular newsletters via email that tell of upcoming events that might be of interest, share information at conferences they might have been unable to attend, and share other items such as articles and books that have recently appeared, and generally keep members connected to ACJRca and to each other
  • Website Members Only: Members have Member Accounts set up on the website that allow them to update their information and memberships and, most importantly, give them access to the “Members Only” section of our web site. the section features past conference notes and presentations, past newsletters, and other “historical” items, as well as information about the workings of the Association, including Board meeting minutes and financial statements.  There also is information on other members designed to foster communications between members, and (eventually) a Discussion Room to share insights on current criminal justice issues.

 Support our mission!         Be a part of our network!       Receive discounts and added information!


  1. Click on the Join Today button below
  2. You will be redirected to PayPal where you can make the payment of membership dues
  3. After the PayPal payment is completed, you will receive an email with a link to our Registration Form. Fill out and submit the form
  4. You will receive a welcome email with your Member Account information, including login and initial password

One year regular membership is $55. Subsequent years cost $50 each. One year Student memberships are just $15!