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Welcome to the ACJRca

We are a dynamic mix of public servants, practitioners, evaluators, analysts, students, and academics united by a common interest in criminal justice issues. We seek to stimulate discussion of current criminal justice issues through two conferences each year, newsletters, and a new social media exchange. Please explore our website to find out more about our conferences, other information exchanges, our Association, and the benefits of membership!

Peer Networking Survey

California has a rich ecosystem of agencies, organizations, and associations in the fields of criminal justice, corrections, rehabilitation, victims’ needs, and community services. ACJRca wants to expand information sharing in this system and is asking you to help by adding to our Peer Organizations Survey. Look for your groups – if they’re not yet in the survey, fill in whatever information, even if it is just an organization name. If someone else has already entered your group, look to see if you can fill in any of the blanks. We plan to build an online “switchboard” to help groups find each other, communicate, build networks, publicize events, and work together on our common mission of public safety, healthy communities, and justice.


New Job Announcement

May 15th, 2018|Comments Off on New Job Announcement

The Judicial Council of California has posted a job announcement for an Associate Analyst based in San Francisco.  The full announcement is a pdf file located at the bottom of the Job Announcements page.

May is Mental Illness Awareness Month

May 8th, 2018|Comments Off on May is Mental Illness Awareness Month

Panel #4 at our Spring Conference concerned the Intersection of Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health.  Read what panelists shared in the conference notes by clicking on the Conferences menu and scrolling down to Past Conference [...]

New Additions: Event, Publication link, Board Minutes

May 7th, 2018|Comments Off on New Additions: Event, Publication link, Board Minutes

A September conference on Violence happening in San Diego opens registration this month.  See the note in Events/Notices. A link to a publication on Electronic Monitoring has been added to the Publications page. Minutes of [...]