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The Association has in previous years presented three different types of awards. These awards have not been made recently and a discussion regarding the renewal of award presentation is being considered.


In 2003, the Association’s Board of Directors decided to honor one of its founders, the recently deceased Sheldon Messinger, by initiating an award in his name. The first Sheldon Messinger Award was presented in the Fall of 2004 to Larry Bennett. The criteria for the Messinger Award are described below.

For a number of years, the American Justice Institute has awarded its McGee Career Achievement Award at the luncheon of the Spring ACJRCA conference. In the spring of 2007, the award was presented to Susan Turner. In 2015 it was announced that the AJI was being dissolved. The Association has been asked to consider taking over the awarding of the McGee Career Achievement Award. Once this has been finalized, this criteria used by the American Justice Institute will be adopted by the Association and will be described below.

In 2014 an attempt was made to encourage student participation in the Association’s conferences by offering cash awards for the best posters presented at a conference. Awards were made at the Spring 2014 conference, the Fall 2014 conference, and the Spring 2015 conference.


The Association of Criminal Justice Research (California) gives the Sheldon L. Messinger Award to honor an individual who has significantly contributed to the goals of the Association by mentoring researchers and encouraging collaboration among researchers and practitioners in criminal justice. Each year the President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, selects the awardee. The Award will be a certificate or plaque naming the awardee, giving a brief indication of her or his significant contributions and other relevant information. The President will determine that the awardee is willing to receive the award before announcing it. The award will be presented at the northern or southern conference. Expenses associated with travel to the conference will not be reimbursed. If the awardee is not a member of the Association she or he will not be required to register for the conference nor become a member in order to attend that conference.

The recipients of the Sheldon L. Messinger Award are:

2004 Lawrence A. Bennett

2007 Shirley Hunt