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From The California Research Bureau

“Police Officer on the Frontline or a Soldier? The Effect of Police Militarization on Crime.” By Vincenzo Bove, et al. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, vol. 9 no. 3 (Aug. 2017). 19 p.
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“We investigate whether surplus military-grade equipment acquired by local police departments from the Pentagon has an effect on crime rates. We use temporal variations in US military expenditure and between-counties variation in the odds of receiving a positive amount of military aid to identify the causal effect of militarized policing on crime. We find that (i) military aid reduces street-level crime; (ii) the program is cost-effective; and (iii) there is evidence in favor of a deterrence mechanism.” Results observed by the researchers include a fall in crime, mostly in robberies, assaults, burglaries and car thefts. Nonlethal equipment transfers, including office supplies and IT hardware, have the largest effect on all types of crime. The report cautions that the social cost is a point that the analysis cannot duly capture.


From the Crime Report

Cops and the Mentally Ill: Finding a New Approach

Police around the country are learning how to step back from confrontations that can lead to tragedy. But additional reforms are needed to help divert individuals with serious and untreated mental illness from the justice system. Read more

Risk Assessment: The Devil’s in the Details

In Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report,” criminals could be identified before they committed a crime. Computer-generated risk algorithms used by courts to determine whether individuals should be released ahead of trial have brought us a step closer to that world–and our challenge is to use them responsibly, says George Mason University professor Megan Stevenson. Read more

Getting Bail Right

Releasing the wrong defendants can increase the risk that they won’t appear in court as directed—or commit additional crimes. But holding people unnecessarily can be costly. A series by Joshua Vaughn of The Sentinel studies the impact of bail decisions in two Pennsylvania counties. Read more

Nevada’s New Record-Sealing Law: ‘One of Broadest’ in U.S.

A forthcoming law to seal some felony records five years after probation puts Nevada in the front ranks of the 44 states and territories that employ similar approaches to smooth ex-offenders’ path back to society. Read more



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